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Havoline XLC-NM

Havoline® XLC-NM provides long-life corrosion protection for all engine metals, including aluminium and ferrous alloys.

Havoline® XLC-NM is a heavy duty coolant. During extensive fleet testing, the synergistic combination of mono- and di-carboxylates present in this coolant has proven to provide protection for as much as 650,000 km (approx. 8,000 hours) in heavy goods vehicles and bus applications. Havoline© XLC-NM is based on patented silicate-free aliphatic additive technology.

Some characteristics:

  • Base fluid: MEG
  • Technology: combination of OAT technology with nitrite and molybdate
  • Superconcentrate available: Havoline® XLB-NM (dosage 25%)

Key approvals, standards and specifications:

  • Meets ASTM D6210