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Freecor HDC

Freecor® HDC is a phosphate-free ethylene glycol coolant.

Freecor® HDC, mixed with the appropriate amount of water, is used as a cooling and heat transfer fluid in combustion engines, and in particular for heavy duty applications (on-road and off-road).

The coolant is suitable for gasoline-, diesel- and natural gas-powered automotive and industrial engines.

Some characteristics:

  • Base fluid: MEG
  • Technology: low silicate technology in combination with nitrite and molybdate

Key approvals, standards and specifications:

  • Meets ASTM D6210 for heady duty engines
  • Meets ASTM D3306 for automobile and light duty service
  • Meets ASTM D4985 for low silicate coolants for heavy duty engines
  • Meets TMC RP329 for nitrite-containing coolants