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Sample taking guidelines

 Ensure the sample is representative

  • Take the sample directly from the coolant vessel/installation. Allow first a short run time of the coolant through all tubes and pipelines. If a filter is present, sample just in front of the filter. 
  • A simple plastic syringe or pipet is in most cases convenient for samling. In some cases, a vacuum pump can be beneficial. 
  • In case of multiple or repeated samples, always sample at the same point, using the same method. Flush properly in-between samples.
  • Sample at least 125ml.

  Protect sample integrity and exclude contamination

  • Always use a clean and dry sample bottle, fit-for-purpose. HDPE is recommended over glass or PVC bottles. 
  • Label the bottle properly.  

  Handle safely

  • Make sure to let the coolant vessel/installation cool down to a safe manipulation temperature.
  • Check the key SDS information of the coolant. 
  • Wear the appropriate PBE (personal protection equipment) prior sampling. We recommend minimum safety glasses and gloves. 
  • Label the bottle as per SDS. Close the bottle firmly. 

When you sample is ready for shipment, send it to our lab.  Check out our shipment guidelines here.