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Type of coolant monitoring

Our sample analysis will bring you valuable insights for an optimal heat transfer. Whether you are just starting up, or monitoring your fleet or installation, or you'd like to increase the understanding of some quality issues, a coolant analysis is important for a smooth operation. 


One-off request

An ad-hoc sample analysis can be very relevant to determine the starting position of your engine/installation. This can help you solve some observed issues, screen quickly the coolant dilution rate or confirm/negate a coolant contamination.

Verify your coolant integrity

Fleet testing

Regular coolant analysis is essential in supporting your fleet tests. Integrate coolant sampling from the start throughout the full test and create valuable insights extending it to an overall general assessment of your fleet.

Keep track of your fleet

Quality check

Preventive maintenance of your vehicles/systems will keep it operating efficiently and avoid unplanned stand-still or costs. Integrate coolant analysis into your maintenance program and monitor the coolant condition throughout its lifetime.
Monitor quality over time


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