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Mission & vision

Providing unique coolant technology in combination with the highest standards of service

Arteco will continue to be a leader in coolants in Europe at the same time as developing a balanced position in Asia, providing innovative products and services with added value for its customers and a strong commitment to its other stakeholders’ interests.

To achieve this vision, Arteco has created a culture focused on customer satisfaction, quality, reliability, innovation and cost efficiency. After all, Arteco wants to be more than just a supplier. Arteco wants to be your partner. 

Arteco’s employees take pride in delivering excellent performance at the same time working safely and protecting the environment. The management ensures commitment through leadership and participation at all levels. In this way, Arteco achieves continuous improvement in all aspects of the business, with priority given to those areas that offer opportunities for breakthrough to new levels of excellence. Throughout all activities, Arteco maintains contingency plans to minimise the consequences of reasonably foreseeable incidents and ensure a fast and effective response.

Some of our commitments to the company and its stakeholders:

  1. To demonstrate commitment through leadership and participation at all levels
  2. To strive for sustainability in all aspects of the business, continuously raise performance standards and improve contingency plans
  3. To audit compliance with business policy and its associated management systems
  4. To understand the requirements of our stakeholders
  5. To grow a company culture based on health and safety, quality and staff motivation

Arteco, your trusted coolant partner.