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Good. Better. Sustainable.

Arteco has played a pioneering role in the development and commercialisation of high quality products with a longer working life. Our products are guaranteed to last longer, at the same time as ensuring a smaller quantity of waste coolant.

Arteco permanently reduces its environmental footprint by proposing environmentally friendly solutions. Significant investments are also made in safety and in creating a stimulating environment, providing our staff with every opportunity to develop.

Some of Arteco’s sustainability projects:


  • Execute operational excellence: doing it safely or not at all
  • Our ISO 45001 certification proves that the safety of our staff is our highest priority


  • Create environmentally friendly products, with low depleting inhibitors and a longer service life


  • Balanced product portfolio, long term partnerships and geographical spread make Arteco a healthy coolant partner for the long term

These are our commitments and contributions to help shape tomorrow’s world.