Innovative technology

Innovation and ingenuity

Arteco endeavours to remain a technology leader, meeting and exceeding its customers' expectations with novel solutions, enhanced products and superior technical support services.

Arteco has been at the forefront of coolant developments since its inception and is committed to continuing to live up to high expectations, delivering the right products to its customers in a timely fashion. Arteco is committed to providing high-quality products that meet its customers’ needs, which is a challenging mission in this evolving and demanding market. As such, Arteco invests substantial resources in both people and equipment to develop products for the future. 

Over the last decade, engine coolant design has received increased attention from the automotive industry. The development of more powerful and more efficient engines as well as the extensive use of novel materials (e.g. aluminium alloys, new elastomers) have resulted in even more stringent requirements for the engine coolant fluids. That's why innovation and ingenuity remain core values for Arteco and why most of our products are developed in close collaboration with OEMs