Research & Development

Increased knowledge of coolants and develop future proof coolant solutions

Arteco’s R&D focuses on delivering market-driven research, providing optimised products and solutions that address specific customer needs. In addition, Arteco strives to improve existing processes and continues to invest in applied research that will provide engine coolant solutions for future applications.

Our R&D department has an extensive patent portfolio ranging from new technology inventions to specific applications, continually protecting our position in the market. 

Our R&D department actively seeks out cooperative efforts to further enhance its knowledge of products, technology and performance in the coolant and heat transfer industry. This is made possible by working with leading university research institutes, international industry groups as well as key customers and component suppliers. Conversely, customers are eager to work with Arteco to increase their understanding and knowledge of coolants and coolant applications and jointly develop relevant product solutions. 

Our state-of-the-art laboratories and research facilities are equipped with all standard performance evaluation tools. Arteco’s R&D also develops and applies proprietary tools and techniques to support various customer and development projects and the performance of engine coolants. 

Our lab has the capacity to perform the following non-exhaustive types of testing: 

  • Corrosion testing: international standard coolant tests including ASTM, GFC, BS and JIS, including various dynamic heat transfer tests, electrochemical tests and customer-specific tests 
  • Performance tests: a variety of standardised and customer-specific compatibility tests, including hose tests, radiator tests and elastomer compatibility tests
  • Cavitation testing: ASTM D2809, FVV pulse Chamber test
  • Physical-chemical testing: pH, viscosity, freeze point, boiling point, density, reserve alkalinity, etc. 
  • Compositional testing: HPLC, IC, GC, IR, X-ray