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What are our Sample Analysis Services?

Why coolant sample analysis? 

Our global coolant sample analysis service helps you to: 

  • Monitor coolant performance during the lifetime of your engine, vehicle or fleet
  • Integrate additional parameters into your preventive maintenance program
  • Understand the root cause of quality issues
  • Verify the coolant integrity at any time
  • Create new insights on products, efficiency or endurance

Prevent engine failures, downtime or replacement costs by regular coolant checks

Benefit from the Arteco expertise

Our global team of coolant experts have in-depth knowledge on:

  • Automotive, heavy-duty, stationary or industrial applications
  • Combustion, gas or electrical engines and fuel cell powered vehicles
  • Coolant parameters such as freezing & boiling protection, metal corrosion protection, material compatibility, heat transfer efficiency, ... 
  • Possible impact of external factors on the overall coolant performance
  • Analytical techniques for coolant formulations

Optimise your coolant performance using our expertise & knowledge 

What services do we offer?

 Our coolant analysis services worldwide consist of 3 packages, tailored to your specific needs:

  • BRONZE: Visual assessment & analysis key fluid properties.  Serves as general quality assessment of your coolant in use, and the dilution rate.
  • SILVER: Bronze + compositional analysis of anions and other elements.  Provides good insights on the coolant performance and general state of your engine/installation
  • GOLD: Silver + chemical inhibitor analysis.  Results in a full interpretation of the coolant condition and your engine/system, for a right assessment for continued effective operations. 
  • MICROPATCH option : Solid particle analysis (> 8µm).  Filtration, qualification and microscopic evaluation of deposits. Results in a full interpretation of the coolant & engine/installation condition, and allows for root cause analysis of the undesirable deposit formation.  

Check here for the detailed overview of the different packages

Clear and comprehensive reporting

Each sample analysis request results into a comprehensive report: detailed results of all analysis performed, and an expert interpretation how this translates to an overall condition of the coolant. 

  • Green: your coolant is in good shape.
  • Orange: your coolant shows some deviations of the standard, and requires close follow-up.
  • Red: your coolant fails on some key metrics. Action is needed