Arteco X

Arteco’s in-house incubator “Arteco X” was launched in 2021 to tap into a global ecosystem of digitization, automation, mobility shift & sustainability. It intends to be the vehicle to hybridize the best of both the corporate world & the start-up scene: leveraging the strengths and benefits that Arteco brings in terms of cooling technology expertise and global presence, with the start-up culture of experimenting, creativity & speed.

Its aim is to explore disruptive ideas, rapidly prototype new products & services and validate them through lean methodologies.

In doing so, Arteco X believes strategic partnerships with corporate divisions and start-ups will be key to openly innovate & contribute to a cooler world.

In the light of this, co-creation is at the heart of Arteco X’  functioning with the overall goal to increase the energy-efficiency & performance of industry stakeholders’ solution offering.

Arteco X is bringing its expertise on thermal management, anti-corrosion and material compatibility to adjacent industries, as well as incubating disruptive ideas beyond coolants. Some of the projects Arteco X is currently working on: 


Discover our Zitrec® EC fluid technologies 
designed for electronics and data center cooling.


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