The trend in the mobility roadmap is clear: more and more vehicles are becoming hybridized or electrified. The shift from ICE vehicles (internal combustion engines) towards e-vehicles is occurring at full speed. Just like Arteco, car manufacturers are continuously innovating to contribute to our electrified Mobility.

According to recent studies, one such being from the leading company Bloomberg, electric and fuel cell cars will form an important part of the new cars sold, and will grow their share significantly in the next 20 years. Some projections claim that depending on the country, 60 to 70% of all new cars will be fully electrified in 2040.

In those studies, BEV or Battery Electric Vehicles will be the main form of electrification for passenger cars and light duty vans. Fuel cells are projected to be mainly used in light to medium duty vans, trucks and busses. Some think that for passenger car electrification, the use of batteries is only transitory, and that fuel cells could also find their way into this space. Only the future can tell... At Arteco, we believe that having solutions for both applications is key.

To stay on top of technology trends and market shifts, a dedicated team at Arteco follows the evolution closely by collaborating with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), universities and industrial working groups. We also work together with our customers to deliver market ready coolants for e-vehicles.
As an expert in the industry, Arteco can rely on profound expertise and knowledge in this field. Many OEMs are already supplied with Arteco coolants to fill their e-vehicles. Do you want to know more about our e-coolants? Please contact your Area Sales Manager or send us an e-mail, we are looking forward to discussing your coolant needs. After all, Arteco wants to be more than just a supplier, Arteco wants to be your partner. 

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