Zitrec L

Zitrec® L is a heat transfer fluid based on monopropylene glycol that offers excellent corrosion protection.

Zitrec® L provides longlasting corrosion protection for the entire installation. Even in high temperature conditions at which the base fluid glycol might become more susceptible to degradation, the organic inhibitor performance of Zitrec® L is excellent. The performance level of Zitrec® L is maintained over time, providing maximum protection and resulting in extended life for system components.

Main advantages:

  • Avoids frequent inhibitor top-ups
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Prolongs pump life
  • Increases heat transfer efficiency
  • Reduces glycol ageing
  • Low toxicity base fluid
  • Based on selective inhibitors, which form a mono-molecular protection layer only where corrosion has a tendency to start.
  • Free from silicates, nitrites, phosphates, borates, amines, chromates and molybdates

Zitrec® L is compatible with most European hard tap waters, however it is advisable to use soft water for dilutions.