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Freecor LPC

Freecor® LPC is an ethylene glycol based coolant containing cutting-edge phospate-inhibitor technology backed by a robust organic backbone (P-OAT "Phosphated Organic Additive Technology).

Freecor® LPC is an all-round coolant that exceeds the industry standards JIS K 2234-2006 Class II, ASTM D3306 and ASTM D6210, and is suitable for use in Japanese and Korean vehicles.
This engine coolant can be used in Internal Combustion Engines, Hybrid and Battery Electric Vehicles. 

Some characteristics:

  • Base fluid: MEG
  • Technology: combination of OAT technology with phosphate-inhibitors

Key approvals, standards and specifications:

  • meets JIS K 2234
  • meets ASTM D3306
  • meets ASTM D6210