Engine Protector Plus VPA

Engine Protector Plus VPA is used as a hot test fluid for new engines. The specific inhibitors active in the vapour phase protect the engine block even after the fluid has been drained.

Newly manufactured engines are usually tested for a short period of time prior to vehicle assembly. To ensure engine cooling during the test a suitable hot test fluid is necessary. Engine Protector Plus VPA provides excellent heat dissipation as well as corrosion protection for the duration of the test. After the test, the coolant is drained from the engine. The residual fluid left in the engine will continue to provide corrosion protection if the engine is not immediately built into vehicles.

Engine Protector Plus VPA is particularly recommended for heavy duty engines where superior cast iron protection is required.

Some characteristics:

  • Application: engine hot testing
  • Technology: combination of OAT technology with low silicate and Vapour Phase inhibitors