Freecor EV Micro 10

Extended maintenance intervals are critical for fuel cell applications. These are defined by the coolant life. This, in turn is affected by the increase in electrical conductivity. In addition to this, the service life of the ion exhanger is key. The ion exchanger maintains the cooalnt below a critical electrical conductivity level by 'filtering' out all the corrosion and foreign ions that might be released during operation. 

Having a coolant which protects against corrosion, will enhance the service life of the ion exchanger, and will decrease the maintenance frequency significantly. 

As the electrical conductivity is extremely low (below 5µS/cm vs >2500µS/cm for a typical MEG based coolant), the coolant is available in ready-mix only. 

With our new fuel cell coolant Freecor® EV Micro 10, we offer you 5-fold protection through: 

  • Electrical conductivity stabiliser package
  • Oxidation protection
  • Corrosion protection
  • Frost protection
  • Boiling protection

The 5-fold protection makes this coolant unique in the market. It is the state of the art