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Havoline XLC

Based on patented silicate-free aliphatic additive technology, Havoline® XLC provides long-life corrosion protection for all engine metals, including aluminium and ferrous alloys. Its performance is well recognised, and it is the recommended factory and service fill coolant for many manufacturers worldwide.

During extensive fleet testing, the synergistic combination of mono- and di-carboxylates present in this coolant, has proven to provide protection for as much as 650,000 km (approx. 8,000 hours) in HGV and bus applications 250,000 km (approx. 2,000 hours) for cars or 32,000 hours (or 6 years) for stationary engines.

The inhibitor package of Havoline® XLC offers excellent cavitation protection, even without the inclusion of nitrite or nitrite-based supplemental coolant additives.

Advantages of Havoline® XLC

  1. Increased heat transfer efficiency
  2. Extended life of the coolant
  3. Superior high temperature aluminium protection
  4. Water pump life extension of 50%
  5. Excellent cavitation protection
  6. High temperature oxidation stability
  7. Proven compatibility with elastomers and plastics
  8. Reduced cooling system scale and deposit formation
  9. Less product disposal (long life coolant)
  10. Environmentally friendly inhibitors

Some characteristics:

  • Base fluid: MEG
  • Technology: full carboxylate-based, based on patented silicate-free aliphatic additive technology
  • MEG-based superconcentrate available: Havoline® XLB (dosage 25%)
  • Water-based superconcentrate available: Havoline®XLI

Key approvals, standards and specifications (non-exhaustive list):

  • VW TL774F (G12+)
  • GM (GMW 3420)
  • Ford (WSS-M97B44-D)
  • Jaguar LandRover
  • Komatsu