Freecor EV Milli 10

Arteco’s Freecor® EV Milli 10 is a coolant specially designed for indirect cooling of Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV). It is developed based on proven OAT technology and combines all round corrosion protection. Thanks to the exclusive combination of inhibitors and stabilisers,  Freecor® EV Milli 10 ensures low and stable electrical conductivity over time in the cooling system. Additionally, Freecor® EV Milli 10 also contains a brazing flux compensation package, making it the first coolant of its kind to compensate for aluminium CAB brazing flux, thus improving the compatibility of the coolant with parts produced this way.

Freecor® EV Milli 10 is specifically designed as a reduced electrical conductivity coolant (<100 µS/cm) for indirect cooling of Battery Electric Vehicles. The EV coolant is available as concentrate and ready-mix 50vol%. 

The coolant provides 5 fold protection:

  • electrical safety
  • material protection
  • flux stabilisation
  • boiling protection
  • frost protection