Zitrec I

Zitrec® IC is an inhibitor concentrate which provides excellent all-round protection for water and glycol-based systems that need a non-hazardous inhibitor package.

Zitrec® IC provides long-life corrosion protection for the entire installation as well as some inhibition of bacteria growth.

Main advantages:

  • Avoids scale formation
  • Avoids frequent inhibitor top ups
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Increases heat transfer efficiency
  • Extends pump life
  • Efficient system preconditioner
  • Non-harmful product
  • Based on selective inhibitors
  • One inhibitor package to protect all metals
  • Inhibits bacteria growth
  • Free from silicates, nitrates, phosphates, borates, amines, chromates and molybdates

Zitrec® IC is compatible with most European hard tap waters, however it is advisable to use soft water for dilutions.