Zitrec F

Zitrec® F is a specially formulated concentrated heat transfer fluid, based exclusively on FDA approved ingredients. Zitrec® F has been registered by US NSF and classified as a heat transfer fluid where there is possibility of incidental food contact.

Zitrec® F is a USP/EP MPG-based heat transfer fluid using FDA-approved ingredients with NSF-HT1 registration.

Main advantages:

  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Prolongs pump and valve life
  • Applicable where food safety is important
  • Offers the best copper and aluminium protection in its class
  • Contains FDA-approved ingredients only
  • Manufactured under food safe conditions

Zitrec® F is compatible with other glycol-based heat transfer fluids. However, it is not recommended to mix them as both corrosion and physical properties risk being adversely affected, which may lead to some precipitation of solid material. Zitrec® F should only be mixed with soft water.