Arteco launches new Fuel Cell Coolant Freecor® EV Micro 10

30 September 2021

Arteco is delighted to announce the launch of a new coolant, Freecor® EV Micro 10, specially designed to address the needs of electrified propulsion making use of hydrogen fuel cells. This new low conductive coolant is not only developed to cool adequately a fuel cell stack of a vehicle but also achieves an extended life of the coolant and the ion exchanger.

Fuel cell powered engines are, next to hybrid power sources, batteries and alternative fuels, one of the possibilities for alternative propulsion.

“According to several studies, fuel cells will mainly be installed in buses, trucks, vans and some passenger cars. Some off road applications, like marine and stationary equipment, consider the use of fuel cells as well, and even aircraft propulsion is being developed based on this method.
Therefore it is necessary to also provide adequate coolants to cool this new technology.” says Alexandre Moireau, General Manager of Arteco.

“With this new coolant, Arteco shows we are at the forefront of this particular technology. Fuel Cells and specifically, their coolants, require specific engineering to provide reliable, long lasting operation. The key is the coolant’s robust low electrical conductivity and additive stability. And it is here that Arteco now takes the lead.” says dr. Serge Lievens, Global Technology Manager at Arteco.

Arteco’s new coolant, Freecor® EV Micro 10, offers 5-fold protection through:

  • Frost protection
  • Boiling protection
  • A conductivity stabiliser package
  • Oxidation protection
  • Corrosion protection

You can find more information here.

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