Arteco Announces the Construction of a new Coolant Production Plant in China

21 November 2023 / Corporate

Shanghai, P.R. of China – Arteco nv, a leader in the water-based engine coolant and heat transfer fluid market segment, with headquarters in Belgium and an affiliate in Shanghai, is proud to announce the construction of a new production plant in China dedicated to producing high-quality engine coolants and heat transfer solutions to cater to the evolving needs of various industries. The new state-of-the-art facility in Nantong, located in the heart of China's chemical manufacturing hub in Jiangsu Province, is planned to commence deliveries as of the first half of 2024.

 "This new production facility is a testimony of our commitment to being a responsible and reliable global solutions provider. We serve a global customer base in the automotive, industrial and electronics cooling industries.  Our primary focus is delivering premium products to our customers worldwide, with particular significance placed on the dynamic China market. Strengthening our local presence will amplify supply chain resilience, optimize operations and mitigate the risks inherent in extensive global supply chains. We are committed to contribute our part to create a better and cooler world for future generations, and we believe that our new production plant in China, which will manufacture right from the raw materials instead of imported additive packages, is an important step in that direction.”

 -- Mr. Alexandre Moireau, General Manager of Arteco

The automotive industry is known for its high standards when it comes to quality, safety and environmental requirements.  The new plant has been designed with the stringent needs of automotive OEMs in mind.  The plant’s capabilities extend beyond engine coolants for traditional internal combustion engines to also produce heat transfer fluids for all new energy vehicles (NEV) including electric, hybrid, and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

“We recognize that the automotive industry is constantly evolving, and we are committed to maintaining a leading position. Our local production plant will facilitate rapid responses to evolving customer demands and stimulate collaboration and innovation. Having a local plant demonstrates our dedication to the Chinese market, and our focus to serving Chinese customers' unique needs.

-- Mr. Alexandre Moireau, General Manager of Arteco

The new production plant will not only cater to local automotive customers but will also produce our products for the electronics cooling segment, including applications such as data centersIn this market, a noticeable trend is emerging, with water-based products gaining market share offering significant benefits in terms of long-lasting corrosion protection and cooling capabilities.”

-- Mr. Paul Golesworthy, Regional Manager – Asia Pacific & Middle East

Arteco’s decision to invest in a local plant aligns seamlessly with the company’s strategy for a resilient and sustainable future. With ambitious growth plans, Arteco aims to enhance its market presence and fulfill its mission as a reliable partner. The establishment of the new local plant is a significant expansion and will eliminate the need to transport corrosion inhibitor additive packages from Belgium to China, a journey that represents an important share in Arteco’s outbound transportation distance. While this shift signifies a considerable improvement with evident advantages, it constitutes just one facet of Arteco’s initiatives to achieve its goal of net-zero emissions by 2050.

It is truly an exciting project for the China teamIt reflects a deserving recognition for their continuous dedication since the establishment of the Arteco China affiliate in 2010. This project not only facilitates business growth but also provides avenues for team development and personal growth opportunities. We are eagerly looking forward to a future filled with promise and potential”.

-- Mr. Zuoling Zhang, General Manager Shanghai Arteco Coolants Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

Arteco's new production plant in China marks a significant milestone in the company's commitment to providing reliable supply, innovative solutions, and high-quality products to the market.  While contemplating the road ahead, Arteco is enthusiastic about the possibilities this new plant brings.