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Arteco inaugurates new Coolant Production Plant in China, Nantong.

Arteco celebrates the inauguration of their new coolant production plant in China, planned to commence deliveries as of April 2024
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Arteco Announces the Construction of a new Coolant Production Plant in China

Arteco announces the construction of a new production plant in China, planned to commence deliveries as of the first half of 2024.
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Partnership for a better future.

Arteco and Arom-dekor Kemi announce cooperation to unlock the environmental and economic benefits of purification and recycling of used de-icing fluids to use as base fluid in the production of coolants.
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China Imposes Low Conductive Water Glycol-Based Coolants for BEVs

The Chinese national Ministry of Transport has the intention issuing a new standard for water glycol-based coolants, which will require the use of a safety coolant in battery cooling loops.
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Arteco launches Coolant Sample Analysis Service as part of its dedicated effort in offering ‘Coolant Monitoring as a Service’.

A new service enabling customers to quickly and accurately evaluate samples of coolants used in their applications.
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