Arteco, TotalEnergies, and BOSAQ join forces on sustainable water management

28 May 2024

Schoten –28 may 2024: Arteco, TotalEnergies and BOSAQ are joining forces with a project aimed at sustainable water management in the production of coolants. This collaboration focuses on innovative technologies to purify local surface water into demineralised water, which will then serve as a reliable raw material for coolants with a reduced ecological footprint. The production site in Schoten (Belgium) can thus reduce its consumption of tap water by at least 25,000 m³ per year, which is an important milestone in the sustainable production of coolants.

Innovation as a key element in a changing market

Arteco is known for its relentless pursuit of innovation in an ever-changing market. Over the years, the company has constantly adapted to technological developments within the industry, thanks to a combination of flexibility and responsiveness. « This project perfectly aligns with Arteco's sustainability ambitions. Our pioneering spirit has always been a core value at Arteco. By joining forces with BOSAQ and TotalEnergies, we are taking an important step towards sustainable coolant production » says Alexandre Moireau, General Manager of Arteco.

Sustainability as a central policy  

Safety and sustainability are at the heart of TotalEnergies and Arteco's policies and business processes. « The TotalEnergies production plant is constantly looking for opportunities to optimize production and reduce its footprint. Some examples include switching to 100% renewable electricity, reducing energy consumption, minimizing waste streams, and recycling rinsing products. The collaboration with BOSAQ to manage the available water resources successfully while reducing the pressure on the tap water supply is fully in line with our sustainability policy » says Kristof Vermeire, Manager of the coolant production plant in Schoten.

Positive impact of sustainable water management

Through this partnership, the Schoten production plant will save at least 25,000 m³ of tap water per year and will have a future-proof process water solution that considers possible future capacity expansions. « With BOSAQ's Q-Drop unit, we are not only eliminating our dependence on the public drinking water network, but our production site is also switching to a locally managed alternative » confirms Kristof Vermeire.

Operation of the Q-Drop unit installed by BOSAQ

The compact water purification solution, installed in a container on the site, was custom-designed by BOSAQ's water and electromechanical engineers to purify local surface water into a reliable source of demineralized water.

BOSAQ's membrane treatment modules purify water in two stages to achieve stable quality.

  • As a first step, the suspended solids and bacteria are removed by means of ultrafiltration, and
  • Then the salts and the remaining organic matter are removed via reverse osmosis

The Q-Drop system adapts to the seasonal changes in the surface water quality and reduces biofilm build-up on the RO membranes. The latter significantly reduces the need for chemical cleaning and chemical footprint of the entire unit. « The objective of BOSAQ is to help our customers use water sustainably in a cost-efficient way to prepare the company for future » Jacob Bossaer, CEO and Founder, BOSAQ.