EV-OAT coolants

EV-OAT coolants are specifically designed for electric vehicles, and they are based on Organic Additive Technology (OAT).

In today’s commercial EVs, regular combustion engine coolants are used for the thermal management of the vehicle. These engine coolants were primarily developed for internal combustion engines (ICE) and could be further optimized for electric vehicles. EV-OAT coolants grasp this opportunity for improvement. They are designed to provide all round protection for all parts of the EV thermal management system.

The organic additive package is optimised and made to be even more suited for use in EV applications. It is however not intended as an alternative to cool applications that need a low electrical conductivity e.g. direct cooling of fuel cells (see our Non-ionic coolant series for such applications) or reduced electrical conductivity (see our OAT low conductive coolant series)

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