Freecor EV Multi 10

Freecor® EV Multi 10 is an EV-coolant specifically designed as a multifunctional coolant for cooling e-Motors, power electronics, batteries and all other components in both full electric as well as hybrid vehicles. Freecor® EV Multi 10 is the first of its kind, intended for use in electrified vehicles (xEVs) ranging from battery to hybrid electric options.

This versatile coolant provides all-round protection for all parts of the EV thermal management system. Its organic additive package (OAT) protects the battery cooling plates, power electronic heat sinks and the combustion engine in hybrid applications. Furthermore Freecor® EV Multi 10 prevents seal wear, leakage and noise issues with e-Motors.

Arteco’s new coolant, Freecor® EV Multi 10, offers

  • Effectiveness even at diverse operation temperatures, for both battery and combustion engines
  • Motor seal protection
  • Cooling of power electronics
  • Compatibility with other typical automotive parts